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My Anchor

He has been my anchor, my rock and side by side with God as my savior, he is my husband. He has allowed me to draw my strength from him as if he stored it all up just for me. Standing firm and believing that everything was going to be alright he was there. Holding my hand and kissing my forehead he was there. Wiping my tears and praying with me he was there. Holding my hand and making me laugh he was there. I needed him by my side and he was there every second of the day. It's crazy how we were thinking the same thing at different times and when we finally sat still long enough to have a conversation the decision was already made. It was around 4am when my husband looked me in my eyes and said "this happened to US for a reason". He had this look in his eyes that showed so much certainty and courage. I quickly caught on to where the conversation was going because I was having the very same feelings. We are not the only family going through this tough time, there are many others that are in this same boat with us. We decided to use our platform to help uplift and encourage others, we all must draw strength from one another. When I received my daily text message from one of my spiritual sisters that read "Don't be selfish, care about what God shares with you, its not gossip pray and help others. Don't wait for it to happen to you, you don't have much cause you don't share why would God bless you?" This was the icing on the cake for me so without further hesitation it was time to share the news and begin the healing process.

From my heart to yours

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