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Happy Birthday Kota Bear!

I did not see this day coming and when it did it hit like a ton of bricks. So many questions and emotions going on in my head at one time, I went from one extreme to another in no time. One tear quickly turned into millions and at that point all I could do is pray. Who am I to question God? Nobody! So I didn't. However, that did not mean that I wasn't angry, hurt, confused and dissapointed with myself and the curveball that life just threw me. Everything happened so fast that it is still taking some time to fully understand and swallow this huge pill. I am still processing the birth of Dakota and I'm sure I will do so for a while because there are so many questions that I have. I kept telling myself "It's my fault;" I felt the urgent need to blame someone so I chose ME! My brain is going and going just like the energizer bunny, so much that I cannot rest or sleep. We went from celebrating the holidays with family and friends to a sudden life change overnight. Our lives have been switched to a minute by minute situation and we must learn how to adjust our clocks for the days, weeks, and months ahead. For all of the families who have been through this journey before us we thank you in advance for leading us and helping us get through this critical time. For the families who are going through this journey right now we are one with you. We stand, touch and agree that your child will be healed beyond human comprehension. Last but not least, for the families that will have the misfortune of living in and going through this journey, I can only hope and pray that a small piece of our story can help you in the time of need as you learn how to live minute by minute.

We would like to wish our God sent daughter Dakota Smith a Happy Birthday. May God keep you and bless you in all the days of your life.

From my heart to yours

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