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Guest Blog - Great (Practical) Gifts for a Pregnant Loved One in 2020

Pregnancy is an exciting and challenging time. In 2020, however, many of the ways we’d typically help out an expecting family are off the table. The risk of catching COVID-19 is too high for many expecting parents to gamble on and, as a result, visiting, helping with chores, and throwing showers may not happen this year.

Fortunately, there are still a ton of ways to help. My Kota Bear wants to make sure that families support new and expecting parents despite the pandemic. Here’s a look at some of the gifts you can give to help your loved ones during this challenging time.

Getting Ready for Baby

These gifts are a great way to help your loved ones prepare for their little one.

● A baby hygiene kit is a great, simple gift that many parents overlook while prepping.

● If they haven’t already installed a car seat, offer to help them set up an appointment with a certified inspector to make sure it’s properly installed.

● Gifts like baby swings or mini cribs give new parents a convenient, safe way to put the baby down for a moment — an absolute necessity.

Gifts for the Early Days

New parents deserve a little pampering.

● Gift your loved ones a Costco membership so they can have bulk items delivered right to their door.

● Offer to buy them a delivery dinner to celebrate their new addition (and spare them a night’s cooking).

● Check out these new mom survival kit ideas for helping your loved one get through the early postpartum days.

Safely Helping Out

Although some old standbys are out, there are still safe ways to support new parents.

● Although puttering around their house for housework may not be safe, you can offer to mow the lawn, rake leaves, shovel snow, or some other outdoor chore.

● Let them know you’re on hand if they need any supplies picked up such as diapers, wipes, or formula.

● Build a network of “virtual babysitters” for them. Screen time is productive for babies as long as the person on the other end is interacting. Parents can set up a video chat with one of the virtual babysitters while they do dishes, fold laundry, or work from home within earshot.

Early parenthood is often very isolating, and COVID-19 can only make this worse. This is a tough year to be expecting, but your help can make new and soon-to-be parents feel a little less alone.

Help support premature birth awareness and resources by supporting My Kota Bear today!

Photo Credit: Pexels


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