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Pushing Through..

Hi guys!! I miss communicating with you all, it feels like it has been forever since my last blog. We as a family have been NON-STOP since Dakota came home. When I say it went from zero to a hundred real did just that! Our lives were transformed from daily commutes to and from the hospital, always being out and about to a complete stand still. Not in any way, shape or form was this a bad thing; it was just a major adjustment...a complete 360. When Kota Bear came home she was doing her own thing, she was not on a real schedule and she had her days and nights mixed up...BIG TIME LOL! I was a ball of nerves, which is to be expected but my motherly instincts in all areas would soon kick in and boy am I grateful for that. When I started to trust myself as her one on one caretaker (bc we did not hire any nurses) that's when the load became extremely lighter for me...personally. I would talk to God in silence all the time... "you wouldn't bring her this far just to have a minor set back in any area of her life!". When I believed in those very words that is when I eased up a little..with the overzealous amount of worrying. "Is she eating enough? is she breathing? is she too hot? can I go to the store or mall with her?" I mean you name it, I have contemplated or thought of it! I'm sure all preemie mothers can relate. At the end of the day I just learned how to trust my heart, mind and gut intuition. Aside from that, when Leary I would always ask my husband for his insight and opinions as well and I still do. My purpose for this blog on today is to let you know that IT IS OKAY! We worry as parents; YES!! that is what we do, but do not go crazy over what is already pre written... If you know what I mean. I know all preemie cases and situations are not the same, but you must trust your heart and mind to raise your premature baby to the best of your ability. We are super cautious with Dakota in some situations and instances but the majority of the time we treat her as if she is a normal 40 weeker. We recently left from visiting family in New Jersey to come to Florida. For ex: While in NJ it was only natural to accommodate and try see every one while we were in town. Aside from Dakota disliking the heck out of her car seat and car rides I would decide against staying inside because she will eventually have to get use to it so let's start now. We did little by little going to visit this aunt one day and this uncle the next, but most importantly knowing when to say ok that's enough she needs a rest day or two. That all came naturally just trust your mind. Fast forward to our trip to Florida, we have the proper oxygen machine for travel and we just bumped up her liters to give her a little extra comfort and she did AMAZING! Better than some grown folks would on a flight LOL. Today she accompanied me on the beach and did quite well but once again I knew when to call a time out and head back to our room. Over all Dakota is doing very well, even with weighing in at 9lbs 5oz (last Monday) sometimes It is hard to see growth and change in her because I am with her all the time. However, I looked at her while she was sleeping a few days ago and said "WOW!! she is really evolving." It hit me out the clear blue and it will do the very same for you. Until next time Be Blessed! From my heart to yours  

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