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As a college student preps, get ready and super pumped up for homecoming at their college or university that was our very same feeling for the HOMECOMING of Dakota Smith.  My day started out relatively calm, I awoke to the sound of my alarm with the habitual mindset to get Demi up and ready for school. The pre symptoms of a cold that she had the night before must have resonated in her body something terrible because my big girl did not feel well at all! I was thinking to myself, of ALL days Demi is sick today!?? When her sister is due to come sweat I'll just ask Auntie to stay home and nurse Demi back to health while I made my way to the hospital. My husband had to work so we agreed for him to meet me up there right after. I still had a list of things to get pointers on while I waited on him to get there which worked out well. Some of the things included; picking up her prescriptions and learning how to properly give it to her, learning the proper mixing amount for her formula because she's on higher calories, as well as the oxygen and pulse monitor instructions. I was getting a little overwhelmed and I could feel the rush coming so I kindly asked Dakota's nurse to please ask everyone to give me some time alone to eat and gather my thoughts before grand central station opened up lol. On the flip side, little did she know I needed that time to shed some tears and thank God for how far along he has brung Dakota. It was just a bitter sweet day you know...141 days at our second home and on the very next day that would change. As I packed up her books I cried, as I packed up her clothes I cried, when I looked at her nurses I cried and when my husband walked into her room I cried. I was not crying because I was scared or nervous, I was simply going through various emotions and I needed to purge. After sniffing and snotting everywhere :) it was time...Dakota's Dr. still had not rounded (a daily report on preemies) on her yet, they wanted to save her for last because this was our last! She told me "I signed for you to be admitted and I will sign for you to be discharged" and that my people is what happened. With tears pouring like Niagara Falls they gave us Dakota's report for the day proudly announcing her weight, age, along with many other details. "I KNOW PRONOUNCE YOU DISCHARGED!!" And just like that....we got evicted :) :/ :( There are no words in the dictionary that can describe mine and my husbands feelings leaving the hospital. I almost wanted someone to knock me upside the head with a frying pan, so I know it's real. LOL! Driving home we did not listen to any music we were just like ummmm....soooo this just happened right now? We were in awe and for the life of us could not find the words to describe our feelings. He was driving and I was in the back seat snuggled next to the car seat. An image I have repeatedly dreamed of was now reality! Needless to say, it got real...real fast as we are becoming fully aware of ALL of Kota Bears needs and wants. Please continue to pray for us, for we truly know that your prayers has carried us a long way; with ways to go. To the parents at the NICU the oldest (OG of the unit) has left the building. Please continue to pass along great energy, smiles and support for one another. I will keep you all lifted in prayers and if ever needed I am only an email away! To the whole staff at Cleveland Clinic YOU ARE APPRECIATED AND YOU ALL ARE AMAZING. THANK YOU ❤️ Friends and Family we needed you all to survive! 

Brittany Gidley, you are God sent my girl! We appreciate you beautiful and your amazing talent.  Last but not least, to whomever will occupy room #29 and #26 we are with you..I prayed for you before you even entered that space and Dakota's spirit will be right beside your preemie until the day an evection notice is served keep the faith and know that nothing is impossible. To all of our followers this is not my last blog, I will continue to keep you all in the loop on Dakota's progress as best as I can until then be easy...later. 

From My heart to yours.  

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