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Affordable, Helpful Gift Ideas for the New Parents on Your Holiday List

There’s nothing like the birth of a child, especially near the holidays. But when that tiny bundle of joy has an extended NICU stay, just getting through the holidays can be overwhelming for new parents.

Fortunately, there are plenty of gift ideas that can help make their lives a little easier. Most new parents have created a gift registry that lists everything they need for baby, so check there first for ideas. If you want to go a more non-traditional route, however, you can look for items that will help your loved ones get through this challenging time. You can also think about items that will help make for a smooth transition once they get home. A few ideas include:

Creature Comforts

Around-the-House Helpers

Partner-to-Partner Gifting

Other Gifts

It can be challenging to know what to get new parents with a NICU baby, but by thinking about what their needs will be in the next few months, you can wow them with a present they’ll really love and get a lot of use out of. If you’re on a budget, start shopping a little early so you can find the best deals both online and in-store.

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