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To My Husband!

To my are your flowers. Let me start by saying thank you; THANK YOU!! From the very beginning in 2007 until now. Thank you for coming in my life and leaving such a lasting impression and stain on my heart. From the beginning neither one of us knew what God had in store for us but it is slowly being revealed little by little. Thank you for our time apart which allowed us the time we personally needed to grow individually. We grew stronger and when the man above saw fit, he sent you back to get me when HE knew I needed you most. Thank you for returning with the I will not take NO for an answer mentality to repair your family back together...the right way! Thank you for putting this rock a.k.a mountain on my finger LOL and living an honest example of what it is to be a husband and becoming one with your significant other. Thank you for change...Period! I am grateful. Some look at you and see one thing, or another and love to judge a book by its cover. When I look at you (oh lord here comes the tears) I see a selfless man who will give the shirt of his back to anyone. I see a man who deserves to be unconditionally loved and treated with dignity and respect. I see a man who through the midst of ALL OF HIS PERSONAL STORMS AND ADVERSITIES has held on and pulled through. I see a man who is not only the crutch for our family, but many others as well. When I look at you, your outer shell becomes invisible and all I see is your heart...a beating heart. "I love you" becomes an over rated saying for me when it comes to you, because I feel something stronger between know what I mean? (In my Aunt Kathy voice). Needless to say, you are appreciated and will always be. I don't care if we're on the highest of the highs or the lowest of the lows we in this thang TAGETHA! (Yes! I know I spelled it wrong) LOL. Mucho gracias Papi Chulo!! I'm about to get on this Rosetta Stone so you can have a Spanish version of me, take your pick :) Hahahhahaha I crack myself up! Love you are your flowers 

From my heart to yours 

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