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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

A world that I did not know existed until now, from every aspect involving the micro preemies, parents, siblings doctors and nurses. Medical equipment, medical terminology and a continuous rotation of shifts NICU is really an extraordinary world inside of our big world. During one of our many talks my husband became curious wondering how we could bring more recognition to these doctors and nurses who take on 12 hour shifts day in and out to care for our micro preemies. Behind the scenes these are the people catering to our babies so they can possibly have a chance at life. They have children and families at home as well, but they make the sacrifice to come into these hospitals and not only fight for us but with us as well. My husband understands why people take a liking to him, the most obvious is his talent and occupation. However, he expressed that he want people to feel the very same way about these doctors and nurses in the NICU units across the world. These teams are definitely worth the praise and we feel in our hearts that they do not get enough of it. To each and every doctor, nurse and staff member who continues to hold the NICU down we see you, we commend you and we appreciate YOU. We know at times you go home with a heavy heart just like us because you are with our preemies just as much as we are if not more. The road to Dakotas graduation will be a long journey; months to be exact but, God could not have hand picked a better team to pull her through. The bond is real, the attachment is inevitable and the love is genuine this is why you all will be our extended family FOREVER!

From my heart to yours

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