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16 whole days later and Kota Bear is still striving for perfection, our little miracle baby. All I can hear in my head is my husband's voice saying "you can't get too high on the highs and too low on the lows". This was something that he expressed to me on day number 2, and boy was he right, because you do not know what lies ahead of you. One minute you can be smiling and grinning from ear to ear then literally the next minute you're like "Wait! What just happened?". This is why the doctors explained to us on numerous occasions that this journey was going to be like a roller coaster ride; up and down. Dakota's family team (yes, I said family; that's what they are) tried numerous times to insert a PICC line into her arm to better assist with getting fluids into her. They were not successful with the procedure so the next step was to receive consent in order to surgically insert a broviac catheter central line placement into her tiny chest. After consultation we agreed to move forward because this procedure would allow her to keep it in until she can come home. The surgery was a success however, not even 24 hours later the procedure had to be reversed because Kota Bear had extreme swelling in her head and neck. I thank God that she is being closely monitored, her family team noticed the change in her, instantly. Not to mention my Bishop Barbara Glanton from my home church in Newark, New Jersey came in town for 2 days because it was placed on our hearts to have Dakota prayed over and dedicated back to God, asap. Earlier that day she placed both of her hands inside of Dakota's little isolate (aka womb with a view) and prayed over her from the crown of her head to the bottom of her feet. Now you cannot tell me her dedication wasn't right on time, we serve such an awesome God! I am happy to announce that all went well with the removal of the broviac catheter, the family team is going to try for the PICC line again in the near future that we are claiming will work on their first try. The power of your continuos prayers is carrying our whole family at this time, Dakota is fighting and pushing through and for that we are grateful. She has been through more in her preemie weeks than most of us in one lifetime. I adore her so much and as long as she continues to fight we will be right here fighting with her!

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