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Time well spent

We are all aware that there are 24 hours in a day, if I had it my way I would spend every minute in the NICU with my baby girl. However, I must break away from time to time to gain a sense of freedom from NICU mental bondage. If you have other children it is very important that you create a balance so they do not feel left behind or in the dark. I know at first this is a hard pill to swallow, just the thought of leaving or not being there. I have learned in this short time that we must trust the doctors and nurses to do their job. Knowing we trust them with our child's life makes them feel extra special. I have been told numerous times that we must rest, eat, drink plenty of water and smile to create a sense of normalcy. With the phenomenal support of family and friends I am able to create a schedule where I can spend enough time with Dakota, Demi and Jr and feel complete. Our daughter Demi has been so understanding and supportive, it is amazing to watch her read to her sister or throw on her plastic gloves to give Kota Bear a mini massage. I know this sudden life change can be a lot on a sibling, but as long as you continue to create a sense of understanding with your children all will be well. During this time I know things like cooking, cleaning, and caring for our dogs should be out of the picture, but if you know me; a woman of my caliber is hard headed and I cannot sit still. I love being a wife to my husband and a mother to our children, I take great pride in my assigned roles, not to mention I am damn good at them! So just remember a ride to the gas station, a trip to get coffee or a day of shopping and a movie can help a great deal. Pray that all will be well during your short absence, turn your ringer on loud and keep your cell phone close.

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