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Breast Pumping

Anyone who is in our shoes can relate and identify that maintaining a lucrative supply of breast milk for our micro preemies is a struggle and I am having the hardest time. What gives me the faith to keep trying no matter what is knowing that 1 drop of a preemie mothers breast milk contains 10,000 live cells of proteins and nutrients. So you already know I go to work! pumping numerous times a day only to discover that me and pumping do not see eye to eye. I started pumping 2 days after I gave birth to Dakota, It was and still is a very slow and tedious process. Kota Bear was not able to recieve my breast milk at first because she was born so early, so a few drops every 3 hours was okay; the nurses would take what I produced and freeze it for future purposes. To catch you up to speed Dakota is now on continuous feeds throughout the day, every hour she is getting 2.25cc though her OG feeding tube. This is such a small amount to us, but it is a lot for a mother who is pumping dust! "You must rest, drink plenty of water, eat numerous times a day and pump every three hours" the to do list of demands goes on and on. Am I really hearing this? I just had a micro preemie baby the very last thing on my mind is a list to get my milk supply up! I was beginning to think that the odds were against me. I ended up running out of my breast milk that the nurses had stored away for me so I gave consent to use donor milk. I trust the doctors and nurses whole heartedly and I know they will not lead me in the wrong direction. I am just having a difficult time thinking about my baby getting someone else juices and berries serious. However, one thing that helped is knowing they will always use my breast milk first, and the donors milk will be there for back up; so the struggle continues until my breast start looking like raisins. Hey! its not about me so we shall see, thumbs all the way up to the women who breast milk is on fleek and I will continue to pray for all the women who's supply does not meet their demand.

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