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Hello my good people, I know it has been a few days since I have posted anything or replied to emails, Demi's birthday weekend and being a little under the weather set me back a little. I wanted to say hi and let you know that all is well, I am personally receiving and reading all of your emails and I reply to them one by one; it may take me a few days but I will get there. Dakota is currently 1lb 15oz, she is climbing that latter day by day. She is what I like to call slow and steady, I am at the hospital right now waiting to Kangaroo her. She started a low dose of sterroids a few days ago to help push her along to get stronger and be ready for the next level. Today was the first attempt to extubate her which is when they remove the breathing tube to see if and how long she can pretty much breathe on her own. Let me tell you something, this little munchkin lasted a full 3 hours before giving us clear instructions that she was tired and wanted her tube back. The doctors explained to me that this process was totally normal and for her to last this long is phenomenal. Sometimes they must give the preemies a little push to get their lungs working, kind of like exercising. So for now the breathing tube will be re intubated and they will try again in another week or so. I am so grateful for our team here and the trust I have in them to keep us moving right along and thank you all for your continuous prayers for Dakota and our other preemie babies across the world. If you have not done so already, please view the previous post of names I listed of our preemies that need prayer. Thank you all in advance have a blessed week! This picture was just taken of me singing the Alphabet song to Dakota before they began the process of intubating her again :)

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