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Who Is She?

I live by the saying that everything happens for a reason. We met almost two years ago if my memory serves me correct and from our very first encounter I knew she was special. From her warm personality, to her vibrant smile and engaging London accent she was truly one of a kind...from that day forward I called her my friend. We would see one another quite often maybe once or twice, sometimes three times a week. It all depended on our husbands work schedules, which by the way afforded us to meet one another in the first place. She has the power to light up a room in such a way that you cannot pass by her without either smiling or saying hello. Yet she has a peace and stillness in her that is so humbling and gratifying. Needless to say, her ass need to be cloned because we could definitely use more women like her. Her...who is she? She is the woman who gracefully invited my family into her family with open arms through her breast and lucrative amount of milk supply. She is the woman who God saw fit to give birth to her son 2 weeks after Dakota was born to be able to have a hand in our journey. She is the woman who introduced Demi into eating seaweed like it's a bag of lays potato chips, not to mention her and Demi share the same birthday!! See, it was all falling into place right in front of my eyes. The puzzle pieces were all there but I could not put them together until it was time. I remember it like it was yesterday, after I had Kota Bear she would come to visit me at the hospital bringing along her big pregnant belly as well as all of these organic snacks and juices. I'd give her the (what is this healthy shit) look LOL..with her strong accent she would spat out "ohh don't look at me like that babe, it's good for you". All I could do was shut my mouth and listen because She is Mrs organic health queen dot com. With a critical micro preemie I needed all the tips and tricks I could get in order to produce the best milk possible. We soon found out that my food intake was not the issue, my body was! and having our daughter 5 months early threw a monkey wrench in my milk supply. Moving forward a few weeks later she had personally made the comment to me that I could have some of her milk once it came in. She knew from the birth of her first child that her milk supply was OD (over the top) and genuinely offered her services; of coarse I initially declined because I was enthusiastic in thinking I could get my own supply up.... WRONG!! So when my husband came home one night and said that her breast milk was offered again by both husband and wife, I thought to myself that it may be time to revisit the conversation. I started thinking to myself, now how would I make this work? these nurses see me day in and day out struggling to get one drop of milk out of these dry ass titties and all of a sudden they are suppose to just come back to life? I had to stop thinking because I would talk myself out of it so I took action instead. She lives not too far from Demi school so I would drop Demi off and go straight to her house. I would sit and have coffee hold her newborn son and enjoy a good cup of coffee and conversation with her as she would gracefully pull her breast out and start pumping. I was amazed because It would come out like it was nothing, no extra effort, no extra squeezing or tugging it was just there waiting. Some days I would go to their home and she would already have the milk ready and waiting for me, I remember feeling it and it would still be warm. She was so adamant and persistent that Dakota had freshly pumped milk so this was my daily routine for approximately three weeks. It was one time she had to travel out of town for a week or so but made sure her Kota Bear had over 20oz left behind while she was away. I knew the nurses had enough sense to know that the milk I was bringing up there was not my own but they had no proof so they didn't say anything. I just told them I was drinking the tea and trying all of these different remedies, which I really did at one point so I wasn't lying. At the end of the day both the nurses and I knew that SHE has some AMAZING MILK because previous to Dakota starting on her milk she was stagnant and at a 1lb stand still. Once she started she was rapidly gaining weight every day (I have tears in my eyes right now) because I seen it with my own eyes. Her breast milk pushed our baby to the next level, her stool was so rich and she was moving her bowels more than once a day I mean in my eyes it was liquid gold! It was her milk that was destined to be apart of her most delicate stages of life. I took pictures and sent them to her everyday, she and I were both so overjoyed she witnessed with her own eyes how special her milk is. As a mother you will go to any length for your children in a time of need, I sincerely apologize for disobeying the rules of the hospital, but I had to do what I had to do. The donor milk may be a good fit for some preemies but not for ours. I am so glad! So so so glad that I followed my heart, instinct and spirit with this situation. I know in my heart her milk gave our daughter that extra boost that she needed to make to where she is today. FYI..if you ever think about bottling up that good ol' breast milk and selling it we will invest in you, do all of the foot work and Kota Bear will be your leading lady. LOL (yes y'all it's that good)

We thank you for sacrificing your time, patience and energy to invest in our daughters life. We thank you and your husband for agreeing to take food from your newborn sons life to feed our micro preemie. We thank you for your genuine hearts and your non selfish act of kindness that will live with us forever. I cannot wait to share this beautiful story with Dakota. Thank you SHE!!! I LOVE YOU!

From my heart to yours.

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