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Laughter Is Medicine

It is okay to smile and It is ok to laugh while your going through. You have to bring life, love and reality into your child's NICU room. In an atmosphere that can become so chaotic you have to break it down so you can have some sense of normalcy; especially if your there everyday like I am. As the days rapidly passed by we made it a point to talk freely, laugh, and listen to music at an appropriate volume. The first thing I do when I walk in Dakotas room is kiss on them cheeks and blow on her neck to make a funny noise. I know she thinks to herself that I am crazy but be loving the attention at the same time. While were there with her she be fake sleeping playing possum all the time, she hears us laughing and making noise. When its time to leave she always open her eyes as if she's thinking... I don't know where y'all think y'all going LOL! She does it EVERY TIME! I just look, put my bags down and stay a little longer.

Here is a old picture of myself and Demi enjoying our visit with Kota Bear this was her 1 month photo shoot taken by Brittany Gidley :)

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