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Happy Mothers Day

Please enjoy your special day and acknowledge all of the hidden figures in your very own life. Today may be bitter sweet for some of us and for me that is how my day starts off every Mothers Day for the past 8 years. I'd wake up super happy like awww shoot today is my day!! then the sadness resonates as I think about not having my own mother here with me to celebrate. However, over the years I have learned to shed my tears during the early part of the day that way I can work my way through the remainder of the day. Waking up to another day is a blessing in itself but if you are a mother, Mothers Day becomes extra special. For the mothers who have lost a child my whole heart is with you. I cannot and will not try to imagine what you may be going through because I know you all fight one hell of a battle on a daily basis. Just know that my thoughts are with you on today. To all of the preemie mothers out rock and keep your head all the way up! Today me and Demi went to the hospital while My husband was at work and he joined us immediately after. We dressed Dakota up in a lil onesie and a TUTU...I can't stand it! It was sooooo cute. I could not wait to see her little toushy in a Tutu and today was the day!! My husband came up with the brilliant idea of getting all of the mothers in the NICU flowers today so we did just that. When the flowers arrived I pushed the cart and Demi placed an arrangement of flowers in every was super special and we both enjoyed it. When Jr got there it was nap time for Kota Bear so she laid in her favorite spot (on her dads chest) and they both were out like a light. The joy in just watching them sleep was more than enough for me.. always remember that less is better and the best things in life are free! Have a blessed one From my heart to yours 

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