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March 22, 2020



Hello, My Beautiful People!


With all that is going on, I wanted to take a few minutes and give you all some words of encouragement. 


Please utilize this time to engage with one another and take advantage of quality time with your children and family. 


Dust off that old book that you have been meaning to read, make space at home for yoga and workouts and make sure you are all well rested. Take your kids out for a walk and do some arts & crafts after school work.  Don't forget the wine when it's time.


Also, for the NICU babies please adhere to the regulations at the hospital to keep your baby and all babies safe as well as those caring for them.  If you feel the slightest discomfort of illness, as hard as it may be please stay home.  You can call the NICU for updates on your baby and if your hospital has cameras you can log into the system to watch your preemie daily progress. 


For the former NICU babies at home protect their respiratory system by not allowing any outside visitors, be sure to wash your hands and be sure to change your clothing when you return home from outside. 


This is a major shift and adjustment for us all in more ways than one. Stay informed, be well but above all stay healthy. We must continuously pray for our world! 


Peace and Blessings!


- Jewel 

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