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Like The Dew In The Morning

I have not heard this song in ages so when it dropped in my spirit at first I brushed it off. A few hours later when I got into my truck I pulled the song up on you tube, the lyrics and sound that came from my speakers ministered directly to my heart. "Like the dew in the morning gently rest upon my heart", my happy tears started flowing instantly and the chills I got spoke volumes. I thought to myself; so this is why this very song rang in my head as I held Dakota! YES!! I said it I held my baby girl for the very first time today. 34 days later it was time; time for me to smell her, time for her to rest in my spirit and most importantly time for her to lay on my heart. My sweet Dakota, your touch has calmed my soul and your warmth has fueled the energy I needed to keep going. I am so grateful to have seen this day, for over two hours her and I soaked in each others presence. The numbers on her monitors told me this experience was all that and a bag of chips for her; the look and smile on my face did the very same for me. Next In line was daddy also known as poppa bear :) when I tell you this man was skinning and grinning I felt his energy it was vibrant and contageous. Kota Bear looked like a little shrimp laying on her dads chest, I called my view of them two a miraculaous work of art because his tattoos surrounded her tiny body in such a unique way; she added another piece to the story that was already permanently written on his body. We both have grown to understand and comprehend that it is the little things in life that truly matters, the things you can learn from and appreciate; the experiences that help us grow. This day will truly be one of many that has a lasting impression on our hearts, we have experienced and gained a peace in our minds that has surpassed our own understanding. Kangaroo care was God sent for sure and it makes a difference for both the parents and preemies. I know with busy schedules and day to day life it can be a challenge to take hours out of your day to kangaroo, but If I never give any other advice this would be it... to get your kangaroo care on!

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